Olive Oil Descriptions


Basil and olive oil are two integral ingredients in Mediterranean cooking. This olive oil is fresh, green and herbal. Use it on a summer salad or caprese salad, perfect in pasta dishes, brushed on pizza dough, paired with any Balsamic or for dipping bread. Made with Certified Ultra Premium EVOO.

Blood Orange

Blood Oranges are crushed with the olives at the olive mill. This all-around favorite is great on salads and in seafood recipes as an alternative to lemon flavoring. Great in cookies and cakes as an alternative to using butter.


This creamy extra virgin olive oil is naturally infused with the rich flavor of butter. Use this golden, vegetarian, dairy free olive oil as a butter substitute anywhere you might use butter including: over hot popcorn, with seafood, to dip bread in, over pasta, mashed potatoes, rice or in baking. Made with Certified Ultra Premium EVOO.


Smoked jalapenos are crushed with the olives to give this oil a wonderful, hot pepper finish. Great in Spanish and Mexican dishes or to add some kick to a dressing. Try with a fruity balsamic over salads.


Highly aromatic and savory.  Made with Certified UP Evoo, it’s as healthy as it is delicious!  Great in dressings, marinades, with cucumbers, chopped salads, drizzled over spinach, fish, green beans, poultry, meat, egg dishes, creamy sauces, roasted potatoes, or baking herb breads.  Pairs wonderfully with Sicilian Lemon, Oregano, Traditional 18 Year, Pomegranate and Champagne Vinegar.


Made from fresh fennel and early harvest, certified organic Chemlali olives crushed together, this fused olive oil has deep, rich notes of fennel that compliment a wide array of culinary applications.  Fennel is paired with poultry, seafood, salads, pork, dressings, steamed mussels, in aioli, with eggs and roasted vegetables.  Pairs well with Sicilian Lemon and Pomegranate Balsamic. Currently Out of Stock.


This oil actually gives off the flavor of pungent, fresh garlic. Works well for sautéing vegetables, marinating meat and fish, over pasta, potatoes, dipping bread, and paired with the 18 Year Balsamic over a salad. Made with Certified Ultra Premium EVOO.

Harissa (Hot)

The complex flavor of this oil is derived from spices & herbs such as red chili peppers, garlic coriander and caraway. Pair with a sweet, white balsamic over salads, use as an ingredient in a dish, drizzle over veggies, rice and pasta. Pairs well with goat cheese!

Herb de Provence

Made with UP Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil, this classic herbal combination includes notes of lavender, rosemary, savory, thyme and bay leaf. It’s a show stopper drizzled over grilled lamb or chicken, use in marinades, brushed on vegetables to be roasted or grilled, brushed on turkey before roasting, for bread dipping, or in aioli.  Currently out of season.


Lemons are crushed with the olives at Delizia’s Tunisian Oil Mill. Perfect for chicken and fish, vinaigrettes and sautéed vegetables. Even great for baking cookies and cakes.

Milanese Gremolata

Gremolata is traditional Italian herb condiment consisting of fresh lemon zest, minced garlic, Italian flat leaf parsley and a hint of mint. Adds an exciting flavor combination to fish or other slow braised dishes. Try pairing with Sicilian Lemon or White Balsamic.

Persian Lime

Zesty Persian Lime is married with extra virgin olive oil for an unbelievably fresh, fragrant burst of citrus. This infused oil will take your recipe to the next flavor dimension. Fantastic with fish, poultry, marinades and dressings. Great paired with the Pomegranate, Strawberry and Blackberry- Ginger Balsamic. Made with Certified Ultra Premium EVOO.


Fresh wild Rosemary is crushed with fresh, certified organic early harvest Chetoui olives.  This fused herb oil embodies the heart and soul of rosemary.  It is both complex and aromatic.  Amazing with poultry, pork, beef or lamb.  Spectacular drizzled over sautéed vegetables or roasted potatoes.  Pairs well with Sicilian Lemon, Oregano and Pomegranate Balsamic.  Made with certified Ultra Premium EVOO.


Called the “King of Herbs” by the French, it is the main flavoring in many of the sauces that form the foundation of classic French cuisine.  Combine it with fresh lemon juice to marinate chicken or brush on seafood.  Drizzle over fresh roasted asparagus with freshly shaved parmesan.  Spectacular in tuna or chicken salad.  Pair with Sicilian Lemon, Sweet Peach and Black Cherry Balsamic Vinegars for starters!  Out of Stock!

Tuscan Herb

A delicious blend of herbs including oregano, rosemary, marjoram and garlic. This oil is great for marinades, over pasta, veggies, rice, potatoes, and works well in an Italian vinaigrette. Sprinkle with grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and a few twists of freshly ground pepper for an irresistible bread dipper. Made with Certified Ultra Premium EVOO.

Wild Mushroom & Sage

A delicious combination of fresh herbaceous sage paired with an array of savory wild mushrooms. Try drizzled over cream of mushroom soup, on risotto, stuffing and aioli. Let this oil take your vegetables to a whole new level. Made with Certified Ultra Premium EVOO.